Megan Wise Finding Flora


Founder & Creative Director

Passionate for flowers, Megan creates elegant, meaningful designs for weddings and events. She is best known for her organic arrangements and unrestrained style.

Megan began Finding Flora in Southern California and has since relocated to the serene desert of St. George, Utah.

Her experience working for luxury fashion companies, managing their marketing and event planning, helped her along her journey towards becoming a floral designer.

Fortunate to have had such an incredible experience planning her own wedding, it inspired Megan to want to work with couples that care about having a beautiful wedding, but care more about having a beautiful marriage.

When she’s not traveling for events or leisure, she enjoys the sweet simplicity of being at home and spending quality time with her husband and loved ones.



My journey with flowers began after a life-changing decision to graciously leave my chaotic corporate career behind to find a new, more fulfilling path in life. The reason I share this story is it’s the cornerstone to Finding Flora’s creation and is the reason why I love and appreciate flowers so much!

Flower Workshop

Shortly after deciding to find a new career path, I flew to New York for my friend’s elopement in Central Park. The morning of her wedding she needed help with flowers and I happily volunteered. I was thrilled with how happy this made her so much that when I returned to the West Coast I decided to take a flower workshop.

On an autumn afternoon in LA, I attended a workshop from one of the world’s top floral designers who taught how to make lush arrangements and bouquets. My jaw dropped seeing buckets upon buckets of flower varieties I had never seen before. Learning how to make a garden style arrangement among the kindest group of people and from such a talented artist, needless to say I was over the moon with happiness!

Centerpiece by Finding Flora

And that was it, I was hooked. It was in that moment I knew I was destined to be a floral designer.

The name Finding Flora came about as a simple reminder. Find that which makes you the happiest. And for me that is flowers.

I had found my calling and to this day feel so fortunate to do what I love. I could not be more grateful for the new places it’s taken me and the inspiring connections I’ve made along the way.

Balance is key to my creativity. Therefore, I only take on a select amount of events each year, allowing each client to receive my full attention and care they so deserve.

Flowers are powerful little creatures. They have the incredible ability to brighten a room and a lighten mood. To this day, I put my heart and soul into each design and my mission is to bring joy to others through captivating florals.



With a love of movement and texture, I strive to create work that fits naturally into its environment, as if the flowers and greenery were growing there to begin with.

Wedding Centerpiece by Finding Flora

I believe there is beauty in simplicity. And prefer designs to be timeless over trendy.